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    For All Those Hotmail Users
    Hi Guys,

    So I was messing with my various mail accounts yesterday setting up my Hotmail to forward e-mails to my GMail account so that I can get my Hotmail messages on the go. I was also trying to set up push e-mail for my GMail account (only to find that its not supported at present).

    Anyways, while doing this I came across a forum/post that someone had done saying that Hotmail now works on the iPhone (without having to have a paid subscription). So, I thought I would try it again (tried adding my Hotmail account a while ago and it was having none of it!) and it worked!

    Now I have had my Hotmail account since about 2001, and it does work with Microsoft Outlook, Entourage etc whereas some of my friends newer accounts don't so I don't know if that's anything to do with it.

    I thought I would mention it anyway so if any of you guys have Hotmail give it a try and see if you're lucky enough to get it working!

    p.s. go through the motions of setting the account up on the iPhone and you will get a message saying you need a Windows Live premium subscription or something, just skip this message and try checking your e-mails!

    Hope this works for some of you!



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    I've had my hotmail account for many, many years and I finally moved over to Gmail because of the issues with the iPhone (and others).

    There is a paid app that makes it work with the phone but it's ten bucks and to be honest, the whole Live Mail thing by MS is borked. It just seems like if you're not using Windows and IE you can't count on MS products to work properly.
    I don't know if it's an issue with MS or with Apple or both...and really, I could care less. I just wish these things worked the way they're supposed to without all of the hassle.

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    Similar to the OP, I was bored and tried setting up my hotmail account on the iphone like any other account. I put in my email address and password and clicked save. It worked! There isn't even any error saying I need to get a subscription.

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    Works for me
    I get my Hotmail emails all day long, sent to my iPhone. It didn't work at first but I think it was when Hotmail started supporting pop3 that it started working. ANd this is from a free long-term hotmail account. I love it though. I was thinking I'd have to switch emails.
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    i tried getting hotmail to work when i first got my iphone in Nov 2008 and it wouldnt work. wanted me to upgrade my subcription or something?? which i didnt do.

    i tried again early January 2009 and it works!! ive had a hotmail account since at least 2000...maybe earlier i cant really remember. but it just worked right away and i get my hotmail all day long thru my phone.

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