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dcghile 01-31-2009 10:01 AM

Adding new sounds to Alarm/Timer
I would like to add a 'sound' to the Timer on my 2gtouch... one that lasts a finite period and ends. If it means ssh, fine, I'm hip. Just need to know where to look for instructions beyond that. It's for meditation and it would be nice to have a sound like 'harps' or such just end after a couple seconds. Some apps, like Kitchen Timer can't handle when the touch locks, in fact none of the free timers I've tried can handle my pretty simple need, except the canned timer app included with the Touch. It's just that you manually have to turn it off. Know what I mean? Thank-you,
ps. If you know of a free Timer app that has a one-off alarm and can handle the touch locking or sleeping (see, I put it to sleep on account of the screen brightness, and, yes, I know this can all be addressed, I just would like to be able to change and add tones of my own making)

dcghile 01-31-2009 11:02 AM

There 'ya go Big D.
Thanks, bro.

Custom Alarm Sounds - Page 5 - iPod touch Fans forum

dcghile 01-31-2009 08:29 PM

Should have read further...'ole boy
Hey, D,

You can ssh from the touch, but only into, if it's JB! Now, how do you feel answering your own question?

Well, voice at the end of my fingers, pretty dim. Perhaps you can find a legal solution. Keep looking. Diligence.

Anybody want to chime in, so to speak? My original post was a query on adding to the tones that the canned alarm/timer app uses on the ipod itouch.


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