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    iPhone 3G/iCal 2-way sync problem
    I have an iPhone 3G and a MBP (one before new model). I recently upgraded to Leopard and have since been having syncing issues with iCal. I got an error message saying that there were Conflicts with iCal or something right after the upgrade but not since. The main issue is that when I delete an item in my iPhone calendar it does not delete in iCal when synced and thus puts the item back onto the iPhone. So, iPhone to iCal is not working, the reverse does. It's a pain to make changes to the iPhone when I'm on the go and then have to do the same to iCal later on before I sync so that I don't get everything back again.

    Any thoughts on this?

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    Same problem. No fix?
    I am having the same problem. Using iPhone 3G and 24" iMac. Sync doesn't work. Someone suggested doing a clean reboot of my iPhone, but (just as the previous poster mentioned) THAT is where most of my changes take place while on the go! I've tried checking/unchecking calendars in iTunes hoping that it would "catch" and sync properly, but none of that seemed to work.

    Any help?

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    When you sync the calender, is it being done by hooking the phone up to the Mac or is it done via MobileMe?

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