hello every one i'm new here well basically i'm trying to switch over to mac from windows why well i just started school (college) and my major is computer science. even tho i'm only taking basic classes at this time i would like to start teaching my self some languages and for i month i was lost i didn't know how and were to start and one day i rain in to a programing teacher in my school and some how we found are self's talk for about an hour or so how how to start learning basically he said set down and just pick one and look at what is in demand. so i did i search the net i found making i phone and itouch apps is big and lots of ppl are making money off of it with know background history of programing so i was like ok i found the languages obj - c but boom to make apps for itune you need a mac but i have no money at all so know i'm trying to find out how to gat money to buy a mac and as well i have some questions pla help me out

i looked up obj- c it says you need to now c i have started to look up on c

the compiler is called xcode that works only in apples

so what is cocoa I'm confuse on this one

can i buy a old mac like in the g5 or g4 area and still program on it for iphones and itouch ?

were can i fine the cheapest mac mini and dose it have to be a Intel

you do feel like it's wroth it to invest in to

and were should i start

do you feel there is money still to be made on iphone and itouch apps ?

sorry for any spelling or grammar

ps i would like to switch over to mac completely well i would still use dual boot or boot camp but i feel like i well like os x or mac