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    Deploying with an iPod
    Hey, i'm about to deploy (USMC, oorah, etc), and I was wondering, what do i do if my iPod nano freezes? I dont have a laptop, but if someone else does, and they have iTunes, will i be able to restore my nano on it? I tried calling tech support but they were useless. Thanks in advance.

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    Maybe it just needs to be reset?

    How to reset iPod

    If you restore it I am pretty sure all the tunes are gone and you would be out of luck.

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    Ah yeah, I'm familiar with those steps, but once it froze and told me I had to use itunes to restore it. I was at a month long training event, and on the last week it told me that i had to use itunes to either repair or restore it, i forgot. Nobody had laptops with itunes so i wasn't able to figure it out untill i got back to my computer on base. I dont think I had to do anything special, just plugged it in and I could use it again. This was all awhile ago, and it only happened once. tried the 5 Rs to the extent possible, but anyways. My attention span is quickly fading away but I really do appreciate the help.

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    If in doubt just buy another IPOD you guys in the US military get soooooo much discount in you AFFES stores,

    Wish I was due another deployment from the UK

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