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    So can I put my iPhone on multiple Macs?
    Hey guys,
    Sorry if this has been covered before, but I did a quick search for 'iphone multiple' but nothing jumped out at me.

    I have a MBP.. and an iMac, I learned the hard way that the iPhone syncs when you plug it in.. Unless you cancel it.

    But are my files (Music/Apps/Videos/Contacts) safe if I do that? I mean if I cancel within the first 2 seconds or so.. Is this a viable way to do things?

    Reason being, I keep my Macbook Pro updated with Music and Contacts etc.. But for the convenience I sometimes wanna charge it from the iMac (if I dont have the mains adapter..)

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    My iPhone doesn't want to sync with my Vista laptop at all. Maybe another Mac would be different but to be honest I wouldn't count on it.

    Never lost any data, just never transfered anything over from the iPhone > PC. I think it will only work with one PC but if I'm wrong and you can do something as it would be very useful.

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    Well, you can disable the auto syncing. Open up iTunes on you iMac. In the menu bar click on iTunes > Preferences. Then click on the devices tab and deselect or select automatic syncing.

    Strange... Mine has Disable automatic syncing unselected and it does not auto sync. Oh well that's how I want it anyway.

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