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    iPhone: Safari crashing, Home Screen shaking

    I've got problems with my iPhone 2G (Software 2.1.2 I think, jailbreaked). It is working, I can use all the features and also the programs from the App Store, but what really gets on my nerves:

    Safari really often crashes. I'm surfing the web, just for a minute or two, and the next thing is the iPhone switching back to the Home Screen. It's not every time I use Safari and not only on specific websites. I can't reproduce the problem, it's just often while I'm surfing or just reading an article on web - it just crashes. (And sometimes not.)

    This is happening mostly in Safari, but also games are often crashing. But I don't really often play games on the iPhone.

    Another thing: Often after unlocking the iPhone, when I press an icon to start an application, it doesn't starts it - the Home Menu is just shaking as it shakes if I want to reconfigure the icon's order. This happens really often.

    What's wrong with my iPhone?


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    Seems like something went wrong with the jailbreak as your phone is clearly unstable. I would first recommend upgrading to the 2.2 firmware as that mostly fixed the Safari instability. This also gives you the opportunity to jailbreak again, potentially wiping whatever caused the instability the last time.

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    Thanks for your help, I didn't notice that the 2.2 software can already be jailbroken and unlocked. I've followed your advice, the iPhone works just fine right now! It's faster and at least the past 20 minutes trying not unstable anymore.


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