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    Problem syncing iCal with iPod touch
    Ok, the strangest thing is happening when i synce my iCal with my iPod touch (8GB 1st Gen). All the events sync, but they do so 3 hours earlier as if its a time zone issue. The strange thing is that both devices are set to be EST so i just don't see why this is happening. Any ideas?


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    time offsets between iCal and Touch
    check time zones in Mac preferences and in the Touch/iPhone at Settings/General/Date & Time; make sure that these are in the same time zone with the about the same time.

    In Touch/iPhone checking Settings/Mail, Contacts,Calendars/Calendars/Time Zone Support and make sure the calendar on the Touch/iPhone is set to the same time zone (the computer can be off; the Touch/iPhone can be off, and the Calendar in the Touch/iPhone can be set for a unique time zone as well).
    Once you know it's there, it could be a nice feature. When I travel and change time zones...we'll see; maybe great, maybe just an extra pain.

    iCal also has time zone support in preferences, advanced tab.
    With iCal's time zone support turned on and all these setting correct, the sync now works perfectly for me. Good Luck...


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