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    May 09, 2008
    best quality video converter
    maybe someone compared a few iphone video converters
    i'm after the best quality. size doesn't really matter
    currently using isquint. not sure if it provides the best picture quality
    any recommendations ?


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    iSquint has a quality slider, I assume you have used that?
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    May 09, 2008
    of course
    what i mean is that isquint is free
    i still think that sliding it to 'go nuts' doesn't make it the best (can be better i suppose)
    i would be ready to pay for a software if it's really worth it
    cause when watching a video converted in isquint it is still a bit worse (especially blacks) than the original video on a laptop (mbp matt)
    iphone has a great display that can provide quite a good quality of the picture
    i'm ready to sacrifise the space and pay for that quality but i need to make sure that it's gonna worth money

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    Handbrake now does conversions from other formats as well as DVDs.

    Remember, you are never going to get better quality than the original video.

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