I have a G4 which has USB 1.0 and just purchased an Ipod 120gb. The Ipod is designed for USB 2.0, but will work on USB 1.0, only slower. What is strange is I have a USB extension cord which came with a USB memory stick. The cord works fine with the memory stick, also works fine when hooking up my camera to it, but when I hook up my Ipod to it, the ipod is recieving power, but the ipod does not appear on my desktop, as if its not even connected to my computer. I unplug the USB extension from the rear of my computer and plug the ipod directly into the back and then the ipod icon shows up on my desktop and I am ready to import songs into it. I just find it strange that it won't work with the USB extension, but works when directly plugged in the back. Why is this? Is there a difference between USB 1.0 cables and 2.0 cables? if so what is it. Thanks in advance.