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    Unhappy iPod stops playing after a song
    Hey. I'm new to the forums so please excuse me if I'm posting in the wrong section. But here goes.

    I recently got an iPod Classic (from what I know 5th gen) 120 GB. When I got it, I was syncing it to my old Windows XP desktop. It was just fine. But about a week or to ago, this problem started to show itself. I cannot be definite, but I think this started happening a week or so after I started to sync up and reset my iPod to my Mac Mini that I got more recently. I don't know if it's related. The iPod is of course Windows formatted, so it may matter - or not.


    I go into Shuffle Songs from the main menu and it plays a song. Then when that particular random song is done (it gets to the end of it), it stops playing. The next song's info load up on the screen and the top right of it shows the sideways triangle, meaning the song should be playing. But the status bar (Is that what you call it? The vertical filling-up kinda thingie?) at the bottom isn't displaying any progress. It stays empty. The song's runtime also stays at 0. Of course, the song's not playing. I can hear nothing from the earbuds.

    This goes for playing from Music > Artist > Name_Of_Artist > Name_of_Song or from Playslists as well.

    I hope that someone can help me. I love this iPod, and I'd hate it if this is something to do with hardware. That means that I need to drive out to the next city just to bring it into a Genius Bar. We don't have an Apple Store in town (not yet with some hope).

    If anyone needs to get more info on this, I'll be keeping very close attention to this thread. This looks like the best place to get help for your Mac stuff.


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    Go into iTunes on the mini since that's where you synced to last.

    Get Info on a couple of the songs that you've played on the iPod where this happens. Check the Info tab, and see if they are marked as "Skip when shuffling".

    (Thinking after typing, that's probably not it, since you're starting from shuffle. It wouldn't even play the first song if everything in your Library is set to Skip.)
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    If it's worth anything, ALL songs in my Library aren't set to the Skip when Shuffling option. I knwo from Command+I > Options tab...

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