Please tell me if you think I would have better luck posting this somewhere else on this forum.

Okay. I just bought a MacBook and I loaded all my music onto iTunes. I have an 80 gig iPod classic, which has work flawlessly since day one. When I hooked it up to my new laptop, I did the reset to factory settings and tried to update it. Every time, the update stales at some random point. When i try to eject the iPod, it freezes iTunes. I have tried doing a 'force quit' on iTunes and then ejecting the iPod through the control panel. This freezes the computer. However, if I just unplug the iPod without ejecting it, the laptop tells me I should not do it but the laptop/iTunes works fine after. I have uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes and that didn't work. The kicker is that my fiance has an older iPod. She has a couple gig nano and she has had the fluid, problem free experience I thought I would finally have after dropping a thousand dollars on this laptop. Every other time that I have had a problem with my old non-Mac, the answer I always received was "just get a mac, it'll be soooo much easier". Well it hasn't been any easier for me. Can anyone please help me!?!?!?!?!

Oh yeah, for got to mention that I am using the connecter cable that cam with my iPod.