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    "Phantom" videos on iPhone?
    I have a 3G iPhone that apparently has 2 phantom videos on it. I subscribe to a video podcast. They take up a lot of memory, so I recently deleted the episodes. Under settings, it still shows that I have 2 videos on my phone. I have no videos in iTunes, and they're taking up a lot of memory. Other than restoring the phone, is there any other way I can delete them?

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    Video podcast are found under podcast not videos on the iphone. Try looking there first before trying to restore.

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    There are no videos under podcasts or in iTunes. Yet it still shows 2 videos in settings.

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    Have you tried re-booting the phone?

    Does the 'Available' match what is shown on the Summary page in iTunes?
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    I have done a reset. The available memory on the phone agrees with what shows in itunes. If i restore, I won't lose my contacts, will I?

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