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    Unhappy songs got erased when syncing custom ringtones
    just curious why apple would do something like this and if there's a way around it.

    i just created a couple of new ringtones in garage band and when i went to sync them to my iphone, i got a window saying that by syncing these ringtones, i would lose all songs, etc. on my phone. this didn't really make sense to me and i didn't really believe it, so i went ahead and did it. well, it's true. i'm now waiting the 25 minutes it takes me to sync all of my music again. is there a way around this? the pop-up window didn't really give any options... it seemed to be either sync the new ringtones and lose the music or don't sync the ringtones.

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    Tell the iPhone to sync all ringtones instead of manually uploading them.

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    Apple Can see if you have cracked or jailbroken Apps on your phone and they can delete them but as far as music goes, they cant do anything like deleting it because it may be your own and purchased so in that case there would be law suits heh.
    But No, I dont see why it did that unless you have your phone jailbroken an then its probably just a system error or what not Or just an error in the app.
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