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    How to organize iTunes?
    Hey guys. I have done it my new product red iPod has been ordered and is currently on route and for delivery. What I want now is to have my iTunes library all organized for synchronization when I receive my iPod.

    My main problem is when viewing albums in a grid or coverflow. They are all named the same with, artist, album and song. But when viewed in coverflow or grid some albums have a cover for EACH individual track instead of one for the whole album. How can I organize this better to just the one?

    Thanks guys, RIJ

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    You need to edit the whole album in order for it to display as one album art when viewing. Select the album you want to edit- right click and click on get info- from here if you don't have the album cover artwork google then drag it onto the album artwork box on the info window. That should group the album with the 1 album cover.

    if you have a some albums with multiple artists, get the info page up again and find the tab- compilation and tick on that or rename the album so it sorts correctly.

    hope this helps mate. worked for me. i have album covers for all of my songs now. I got really obsessive when the new iTunes8 came out.
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    Thanks for the reply, I managed to figure out the album artwork for ones I dont have, that was great now I can get artwork for all my albums.

    I still cant figure out how to make them all one album, (have included a photo to illustrate what I mean) as the songs all have the same artist, the album they belong to and all the song names titles filled in correctly but they still register as separate albums for each song?!

    Photo :

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    managed to figure it out, thanks alot GAV!!

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    Do you mind sharing your solution? Cause im having the same problem.

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