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adgjqetuo 12-14-2008 01:22 AM

iPod 80gb Classic playlist help
I'm having some trouble with playlists and I was hoping someone could help. For the most part my playlists work fine, but i'm having trouble with a few.

I have some christmas music, and I labeled the album "Miscellaneous Christmas Songs", and the artist and album artist are just "Christmas Songs" and then of course the name is the name of the song like "Carol of the bells"

Genra is Christmas if it matters

I didn't bother with the real name of the artist bec its christmas music and I don't care's all the same to me.

I then created a smart playlist for the christmas music.

My problem is when I try to play the playlist on my actual ipod, I go into the playlist, open it, then click "play" on the first song. Well the ipod will only play that one song it just says 1 of 1 at the bottom eventhough all the songs are in the playlist if I scroll back.

Why is this?

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