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    Question How to move itunes shows to a different authorized machine?
    I have an ipod, 2 iphones and 2 machines. I bought a whole season of a show from Itunes on my Mediacenter pc. I am travelling and want to transfer the shows to my macbook. I transferred the shows to my ipod but the ipod wont let me transfer the shows to this new machine.
    The only option is to transfer All purchases from the ipod ( 120G worth)

    I only want to transfer 5 shows.
    Why wont it transfer. I dont want to play via the ipod and would rather leave it at home.

    What to do?


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    Don't know if you have a dvd burner, but if you do, I'd put the shows on a disk (I like divx because I get about 5 movies to 1 disk) and just take the disk with me. Hope it helps.

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    Give Senuti a try.
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    Agree with bobtomay. I use Senuti (its Itunes reversed..incase you are wondering) ..its available for free download and is pretty slick in doing all the transfer related stuff.

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