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    Getting a new iPhone within the next week...Looking for some suggestions...
    I currently just have a basic phone with voice only service, so no problem there...moving what I have in the phone to the iPhone is the least of my concerns.

    I know I will need to change how I do some things, that is fine, but I'm also a long time Palm Device/OS user and I have tons of data going back for years in my Palm. A lot of it, is stuff I need. So here are my questions and I'm hoping that someone can provide either names and links to 3rd Party applications or procedures that will let me do what I need to do.

    1) Private Records or a Private store, vault or something that I can keep my private info (credit card, bank info, etc.) private if I hand my phone to someone and let them check it out. This solution would at least be password protected, hopefully with the data encrypted. And PLEASE DON'T Tell me to lock the phone. That does NOT solve the issue here.

    2) What's the best way to migrate calendar, notes and contacts from the Palm to the iPhone?

    3) Global Search of the do it do it. In otherwords, if I search for say "John Smith", I'd want to see a list of items that contain his name...not just contents, but hopefully notes or any other application data on the phone that contained his name.

    The Palm can do all of this, the iPhone is a lot more powerful so I don't think I'm asking too much or asking things other users wouldn't want.

    I have no problem obtaining and/or purchasing 3rd party software to do the things I need, I'm just looking for some suggestions. If there are simple procedures for how to do some of this stuff, that's fine too.

    Your suggestions will be appreciated.

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    1)I don't know
    2)Sync your palm with calender on your mac, and then sync your iphone with that.
    3)You will need to jailbreak. There is an app on cydia called "quick gold" that does just what your looking for.


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    I will be interested in hearing how you like the iPhone. I too use the Palm system and have been mainly holding off because they did not have the 3rd party apps that I need but that is now solved. Only excuse now left is I don't like AT&T (plus they are too expensive)

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