I'm trying to get the standard "Recent Added" smart list to not include video files, so it doesn't start playing freaking videos when I'm listening to me recently added music. Arg!

I have tried everything aside from telling iTunes to filter out the genres I use for Movies and TV Shows. That isn't the efficient parameter. There is an option: Video Type. I tell iTunes to filter out every "type" of video (Movie, TV Show, Music Video) using this: Video Type > Is Not > Movie. iTunes is being told to match "all" of the rules, as "any" causes it to show everything.

Well, if I do what I just suggested above, iTunes shows NOTHING in the smart list. So, how do I get the darn videos OUT of my recently added list using the most efficient use of existing parameters. I shouldn't have to add text to a description field or something to filter out videos from a list. Right?