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    battery meter question
    so i just bought a 2nd gen 1gb ipod shuffle (go apple for cheap refurbs heheh), and i'm wondering, is there an ap or itunes plugin or something that will show me the battery meter in osx?

    just wondering, cause i'd like to be able to see what the charge is at a glance while its plugged in.

    and by the way, apple says on the site that the battery play time is up to 12 hours. bullcrap. i played it for 16

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    There is no application that I'm aware of that will tell you the current state of the battery. The only way to tell this is by looking at the light on the iPod.

    Green = good charge (30% - 100%).
    Orange = low charge (10% - 30%)
    Red = very low charge <10%)
    No light = no charge
    alternating green and two orange for 10 seconds = ERROR: iPod shuffle must be restored

    Obtained from Apple Support

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