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Thread: iTunes music on two computers?

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    iTunes music on two computers?
    We are digitizing our music collection (vinyl and cassette). Once the music is on the first computer, how can we get it to work on the second computer? We have tried exporting from iTunes (that results in a doc file, not a music file), we have tried opening the second iTunes, clicking on adding to the library and then pointing to the original location and selecting the music (this results in the transfer over, but once the computer with the original song either sleeps or shuts down, the second computer just shows an exclamation point), we have put the music on a CD, which works, but all the song info does not transfer to the CD and must be manually reentered, and probably other ways which escape me now. These are VERY old disks and cassettes, therefore I'm sure they are not DRM'd, so should be able to copy just fine.

    So the question is -- how do I get the music from one computer to the other? Seems like we should not have to do all the work twice for our own music.

    Thanks for any help you can give!

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    The easiest thing would be to share your library. Then, any other iTunes client on the network should pick up the shared library and display it on the iTunes side bar. Note that you can only manipulate the library on the host machine (i.e. add/remove tracks).

    You can turn sharing on, on the host machine in iTunes menu => Preferences => Sharing button => "Share my library on my local network".

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    Actually, we are not trying to share our libraries. As an example, my husband is digitizing some of my old vinyl for me. He does not want this music on his iTunes, I only want it on mine. So, he digitizes it, and then I want to transfer it to my iTunes and he can then delete it.

    We have finally figured out what the original problem was -- we were trying to import the "album" to my machine, rather than the "songs" -- that iw what created the .doc file. We have it working now. He digitizes, the music goes into his iTunes, he labels them, then he puts the songs on his desktop, and I import them to my iTunes from there. That is working fine. A few steps, but all is good.

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