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    Smile Filling a 16gb iPhone from a 100gb collection (Itunes Smart Playlist Q)...
    I have just bought a 16gb iPhone, but have a >100gb collection of music. How to fill my iPhone with the minimum of effort has been causing me a bit of a headache. The two ideas that I have come up with for giving me (different flavours of) a satisfactory fill are:

    1: I want to set-up a smart playlist to fill my iPhone with 14gb of ALBUMS at random. I can see how to do this for single tracks, but is it possible to do it for albums?

    2: Even better than my first one, but slightly more complicated; I'd really like to be able to do this and had thought I had nailed roughly how to do it. I have set up:

    "1 x smart playlist - Added In The Last 3 Months
    1 x smart playlist - 4gb of Most Often Played
    1 x smart playlist - 4gb of Most Recently Played
    1 x smart playlist - 4gb of Selected at Random"

    Then, what I wanted to do was to set up another playlist to merge the 4 I had created and, as the others exceeded the capacity of the iPhone, and to add a touch of randomness (I had read elsewhere that this was possible):

    "Match ALL of the following rules:
    Playlist = Added In The Last 3 Months +
    Playlist = 4gb of Most Often Played +
    Playlist = 4gb of Most Recently Played +
    Playlist = 4gb of Selected at Random +
    Limit to 12GB selected by random"

    But this for some reason doesn't generate any results. If I change the first bit to "Match ANY" then I'm pretty sure that this only uses one of the options, no? Any idea why this isn't working?

    Your help is, of course greatly appreciated!

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    If you want to merge playlists, you should use "Match ANY".
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    hmm... I have a 16gb iPod Touch and a ~180gb library that I HATE selecting songs individually from. Although I can not help with your problem this thred has inspired me to try something like this for my iPod. Thanks!

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    i would go for a classic lol

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    I traded in a 60gb video for a for a touch and have never looked back. The internet/app functions of the iPod touch are far more appealing than the storage space IMO

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