I have a couple of ideas for in mind for the App Store, and now that the time is upon me for hiring someone, I've noticed that I can't find any concrete answers resolving some questions I have. Any input/experience would be really great.

Issue #1: Most bidders for my idea are overseas (due to budget constraints). Now, because my fields is not computers/programming, the best I could do for uploading a new app to the store would be to have my 3rd party send it to me and then upload it myself. My concern is that something gets lost in translation from one country to the next, or my system is different, etc., and there would be a problem. OVERALL, DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW SMOOTH A TRANSACTION LIKE THIS COULD BE PULLED OFF? THE BACK AND FORTH OF IT ALL?

Issue #2: If the above cannot be completed, then if my 3rd party uploads the app, my concern is that the account is now theirs since Apple doesn't deal with all this 3rd (to them 4th) party behind the scenes stuff. Whoever uploads it is the owner, and now trusting my developer becomes an issue?

Issue #3: I should have asked this at the beginning. Any suggestions on th best way to go about doing all of this? To make it easier, let's say I paid my $99 to Apple so I can upload, but I am hiring people to do the work elsewhere.

Thanks again, all suggestions appreciated!!!