My apologies, in advance, for the thesis...

I'm trying to help my girlfriend and I guess I'm not as smart as I thought I was. She lives with me. We both have iPhones. She has been logging into her iTunes account on my iMac and syncing without issue, but I can only stand so many Jonas brothers songs in my library. She went out this weekend, though, and FINALLY bought her own computer - a new MacBook. We're having a few problems, though, and ... I need your help.

First... there are songs and apps she's downloaded straight to her phone via WiFi, but there are also a ton of songs (and apps) that I purchased and have been adding to her phone each time I sync. I realize she may lose everything SHE didn't buy (i.e. my stuff), but, well... nothing is happening when she goes to sync on the new MacBook. It shows her name and the serial number. It shows the option to sync music and photos and everything else, though... with it being a new computer... there isn't anything TO sync. She is logged in to iTunes under her account. When I go to hit "Sync", it does nothing. It doesn't say it will erase content. It doesn't touch what's on her phone, nor does it add anything to the library; it's like a ... stalemate. The phone gets to keep what it has and the library remains empty, but they won't play nice,. Is there a way to save everything - transfer all apps/songs from the phone to her computer? If not, can she, at least, save what she's purchased? Do I have to do a restore? I was nervous about it erasing everything, but ... I don't know what to do. It would seem like a tremendous waste of money if she lost all the apps she bought.

Second issue... we both have MobileMe. When I signed up, it was easy. All the contacts in my Address Book immediately ended up on my phone. As for her, everything seems to be checked to sync contacts, bookmarks and calendar info. I added a MobileMe account to her iPhone. Push is turned on. Everything the steps said to follow. I go into the MobileMe settings on her MacBook and hit "Sync", but... none of the contacts from her Address Book show up on the phone - even though it looked like it was doing what it was supposed to do. I'm guessing it ties back to the iPhone not syncing properly and playing "nice".

Finally... I'm sharing my music library with her on the home network. I was able to authorize. She can see and play everything, but... I notice that she can't drag and drop my files to a new playlist. This would lead me to believe, then, that she wouldn't be able to burn them, too. Is the "share" feature limited to only allow the guest computer access to PLAY the content ... and not add/burn? No big deal, but... just curious. I can burn CD's for her, but that will take quite awhile.

Again... thanks for your patience.