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    Unhappy Artwork, iTunes and icons for audio files in Finder

    I am using Mac OS X 10.5.5; iTunes 8.

    I am now in a process of embedding artwork in my mp3-files using CoverScout. I have noticed that iTunes do not immediately refresh the embedded artwork. The mp3-files appear to be without the artwork. I must play the associated music album in order to refresh the files. Is it possible to refresh the albums/tracks without playing them? (I tried by restarting my Mac, but there was no refreshing). It seems that the only way to refresh the track info in the iTunes is to play them.

    Now, the real problem is the Finder. Generally, if a mp3-file has embedded artwork then the file would be displayed as a thumbnail of the artwork in question. The thing is that the icons for the mp3-files that were recently embedded with artworks are displayed as lacking artwork (they are displayed with the simple iTunes icon). Moreover, the Preview of GetInfo window does not show that the mp3-files contain the embedded artwork. The files are not refreshed. However, if I copy or duplicate those files then the copied files are displayed correctly, with the right getinfo. This, however, does not work if moving files. The files are not refreshed when moved, only when copying or duplicating.

    I find it curious that Finder does not refresh the files, even after restarting the Mac, given the fact that iTunes have the information that there is artwork. Is there a way to refresh the files in the finder without copying or duplicating the files?

    Another curious thing with albums containing tracks with embedded artwork is as follows: the Finder displays some of the tracks as thumbnails of the artwork in question, but not with all the files. The same goes for the Preview of the files in GetInfo. Some have the correct Preview displaying the artwork, but some lack the info about the artwork in the Preview. Why are not all files displayed as having embedded artwork, but only some, given the fact that they belong to the same album and the artwork was embedded in the same way?

    The same goes when I embed the artwork without CoverScout, by updating multiple files through iTunes (draging the artwork to the Artwork-field in Info). The Finder does not display that the files are embedded. I must copy or duplicate these files in order to refresh the info.

    A more general question: how do I refresh files in the Finder? There is no refresh button, as in the Windows.

    Kind regards

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    There is an iTunes script that will refresh tag info and make the artwork display. I don't recall it's name but you can get it from Doug's Applescripts page, Google it.

    I have found that once the machine is restarted that Finder will generally see the artwork, but it's not consistent.

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    Thanks for your reply. I have found out that the iTunes can refresh all tags by selecting multiple tracks in question and use Get Info on them (without making any changes). After rebooting the Finder will display correctly the information of the associated audio files.

    Best regards

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