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    Xilisoft iPod Rip
    I recently purchased the program mentionned above in the title but it does not seem to want to work. Every time i plug my itouch into my computer after the program asks me to, the program stops responding and quits no matter what I try. Any solutions???

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    Sorry, no help from me.

    Would be surprised if any of their software actually works.

    They are one of the ... consortium of spammers out there.

    ?? 30 something audio/video apps ??

    As big and detailed as all of their sites are - where's their forum for tech support?

    They've got all this same software packaged under about 20 different brand names around the web.
    They even have comparison sites that compares one of their brands with another of their own brands to make them look legitimate. Only you won't find nary a mention of any of them on any legitimate software site.

    Wouldn't personally touch any of their stuff with a 10 foot pole.

    I'd be real interested to hear what their response is when you e-mail their tech support, which is the only contact.
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    I have emailed them and am now waiting for a reply. In the meantime would you know any other application that works and is of good quality to transfer information from and itouch to a macbook pro???

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    Go ask over at iLounge.

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