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    Transfer photos from 2G iPod Nano to computer

    My daughter transferred some photos to her iPod and now we can't transfer them back. I have purchased an ipod rip programme which doesn't recognise the thumbs/photos on the ipod. I have purchased ipod access photo v1.6 from eSellerate. I can get neither of these to progs to recognise the photos on the ipod. I am at my wits end. The photos I don't think are full resolution pics. They have a suffix of *.ithmb Any suggestions on how to recover these photos? I am about to lose the plot as nothing I do seems to work and I don't want to keep on purchasing items that say they will recover the photos and don't...


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    When you transfer photos to an iPod using iTunes, they are scaled down to the device's native resolution (usually 320x280 I think).

    So they'll probably not be much use even if you can get them back I'm afraid.

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