I`m subscribed to a podcast. It`s a language-learning podcast with mp3 and pdf files that tie in with each other (i.e. a series of mp3 audio lessons with pdf notes for each). Once downloaded, the files appear in iTunes under both the `Podcasts` and `Music` tabs of my library.

I recently deleted some of the podcast files from my iTunes library, but not from the hard drive. (Accidentally done: I`m a new Mac and iTunes/iPod user).

The strange thing is that when I clicked to re-add the files to my library, only the pdf files re-appeared under the `Music` tab. Aside from the fact that they`re not music files at all, I`m a little confused by this. Why not the mp3s as well? They were both in the same folder on my hard drive (the one iTunes put them in).

Since the mp3 and pdf files correspond to each other, I`d like them organised more tidily in iTunes! I`d like to know if iTunes will allow me to do either (or both) of the following:

1) Add the mp3 podcast files back into the general music playlist to sit alongside their pdf counterparts. (Not sure why this hasn`t been working).

2) Have iTunes stop automatically displaying downloaded podcasts under the `Music` tab - AND - let me remove the files already in `Music` without making iTunes` podcast feature think that I haven`t downloaded them yet!