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Thread: How to store my music, with itunes. need help.

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    How to store my music, with itunes. need help.
    I'm a new mac user, and I've noticed something when I import music into itunes. I like to store my music albums, in a folder under "my music", in there, I have all my albums organized in a folder called "Albums", but when I import to itunes, It seems that it has copied all my music to another folder called "Itunes Music" in the "Itunes" folder, in "Music". It has made a folder, for ever single artist, so it has messed up my way of organizing by album. This is doubling the size of all my music. How can I fix this? Thanks!

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    Preferences - Advanced

    Keep iTunes Music Folder Organized
    Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library

    However, I have found it much easier to let iTunes do this for you. Just one more thing you don't have to spend the time organizing any longer. Now if your library is very large and spans multiple drives, probably not.
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