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    Question Developing Applications
    I've been interested in programming for some time now.

    iPhone Developer Program

    I'm also uncertain on what that Dev thing does, it's $99, so I'd assume it gives you the tools you need, and you would apply the languages that are needed. And I assume that I can use an iPod Touch to test, and create apps for it? I just bought a new phone not to long ago, so I don't need an iPhone, but I don't mind picking up an iPod Touch to help me out.

    And I doubt it, but would the One to One classes help me out at all with this? I signed up for it and haven't used it much.

    I found this, iPhone Programming Tutorial - UITableView Hello World | iCodeBlog as well as a few other sites, but am still wondering what languages I need/should learn.

    Any help would be great.


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    The programming environment (IDE) is free and comes on your OSX install discs, it is called XCode. You will also need to download and install the Iphone development kit (SDK).

    The language used is Objective C

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    The $99 fee buys you the right to submit your app to the appstore and the ability to create a provisioning profile that will let you test your apps on your own iPhone or iPod touch.

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    This may be against the rules, but I would still like to know, does Jailbreaking it affect the testing of Apps? Would I not be able to use the App Store, if it was jailbroken?


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