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Burchiera 11-17-2008 05:46 PM

A.I.Disk now available
Yesterday I was looking through the appstore and found absolutely awesome product! It's called A.I. Disk!
It is an elegant solution to access files on your MobileMe iDisk, save them to the iPhone or iPod Touch, read on the go and even email to friends. Besides MobileMe iDisk the application can connect to any WebDAV enabled online file storage like Box.Net or FilesAnywhere.

A.I.Disk has built-in file viever that supports number of formats including MS Office and iWork documents, PDF, TXT, HTML and others. Just tap on a file to copy it to your iPhone or iPod Touch file storage device and enjoy reading it anywhere!

Tarek 11-19-2008 11:31 AM

Yeah, it's great. There is also another program like it found in either Cydia or but it isn't free, it was free for 12 days (as a limited offer) and then it's worth money now. It's sad that I don't have MobileMe, but the application I am talking about could make your iPhone like another computer, your other computers can read the iPhone as a hard disk where you can copy, paste, edit, etc. stuff wirelessly from anywhere, not just by bluetooth or USB port. It's awesome, I wish I could remember its name.

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