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    Question Does Senuti remove ipod contents or just copy?
    Hey there!
    I just downloaded Senuti to my MBP to "copy" songs from my ipod. The wording in Senuti "transfer songs back to computer" implied that it will remove the contents of my ipod. Does Senuti just copy the song files to the computer or does it remove them from the ipod also? Most songs were imported from cd's to my PC itunes, then to my wifes ipod. I just purchased a new Mac and wanted to put some of the songs in my new itunes. Being my wifes ipod, i do not want to delete anything from it. After about an hour of internet searching I could not find anything specific regarding this question. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers.

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    Haven't used it in ages - but from memory it just copies

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    All I have ever used Senuti for it to copy songs from the iPod to the computer. I am very sure that is all it's for.

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    Yes, all it does is copy ('transfer') from ipod to computer. And you can choose al or as few as you wish to copy.

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    Thank you, I wanted to know a program that does that. Also Videos if possible.
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