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    Apps to track down a missing/lost iPhone
    Was wondering if anyone would be willing to offer recommendations on App Store Apps, or Cydia (jailbroken) Apps, that could be used to help find an iPhone that you've misplaced or lost??

    I've just now found my iPhone (about 5 minutes ago) that I've been looking for ever since last night, and I was on the verge of believing that the phone had absolutely fallen off the face of the earth, because I'd searched everywhere imaginable for it without a shred of success. (and yes, I of course tried calling the phone, but I was pretty sure it was on vibrate...and now that I've found it, I can confirm that it was!)

    I'd read a review of a Cydia (commercial) app offered by iFoneTec called Cylay, which in all honesty, I found to be an absolute joke of an attempt to make what would otherwise be an indispensable application (it never once worked for me, wound up being un-installable, and inevitably wound up forcing me to restore my phone and start from scratch).

    There must be at the very least several other apps (App Store & Cydia) that would have saved me a lot of hassle over the last 24 hours as I searched relentlessly for my iPhone without success...

    Ideally, and app that could provide GPS mapping that can be somehow checked from an alternate location (or iPhone) would have done the trick...I've thought about Loopt as a possibility, and then using my Wife's iPhone as a means of finding my iPhone should it ever get lost again in the future (to at the very least let me know if it's in my apartment, or in my Car which is located in the parking garage around the corner, or at my Mom's place, of my wife's Mom's place, etc...)

    Anyone else care to offer any thoughts or suggestions that might be worth trying?


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    Well, some people I know in my country here sell some kind of device that is worth 600 Egyptian Pounds, which is a little more above $100 USD that can locate your phone where ever it is, even if it's off. It works on all phones not just Nokia or iPhones. I think all you need to do is insert some information/data about the phone in that device and then you can easily locate it wherever it is. Of course that device is illegal, at least in my country, but I can still get it. Free applications are always misleading and inaccurate, you'll never find a free application (even a cracked one) that can do that process.
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    Shouldn't be that hard to do in software actually... except it would have to be a cydia app so it could constantly run in the background and periodically transmit the phone's GPS location to a website or service somewhere.

    Even some Twitter clients include the GPS location, so basically something to auto-tweet to yourself periodically would do it.

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    I found an application that does everything I was hoping for...every 15 minutes, it sends out GPS coordinates of your phone (as a background process) which you can check online to see where your phone is on a Google Map Mashup...

    It's called iLocalis and is available on Cydia...So far, it's been working perfectly! Would have been nice to have had this installed on my phone the other day when I lost it!

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