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Thread: Ringtone Issues

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    Unhappy Ringtone Issues
    Hello, I have an iPhone and when I first got it and plugged it in all my songs that are ringtone able were all normal and I ended up making one for myself and then the next time i plugged my phone in the ringtone icon from all of my music was gone and so I have been unable to make more then one ringtone for my phone. I just bought the theme song from True Blood and the ringtone option was there! So I pressed it and was very excited and trying to pick the part of the song i wanted since i was excited a song i really liked was my only option... but I accidentally clicked on something other then the ringtone section of the page and it disappeared. Ahhh what can be done here?

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    ...Hmm, Not sure maybe check to see if the ringtone tab was unchecked I will post a picture. Itunes/Preferences it should be on the first page.

    If not log out and log back into iTunes
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    The box was checked and I relogined in and it did not work. See I have the ringtone section on the list and it just shows that none of my songs can be made into ringtones. Somethings wrong and I am unsure of how to fix it.

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    here use this video it helped me
    YouTube - How to Make iPhone/ 3G Ringtones Yourself
    good luck

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