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    Question Will my calendar events be lost if I upgrade to itouch 2.0?

    I've already paid the $10 for the software download, but right before I installed it, there was a pop-up saying something about my calendar and contacts will be refreshed or something when I do the update. I'm scared of losing all my calendar events if I do the upgrade.

    Can someone please share their experiences with me?


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    The 2.0 update does clear your iPhone/iPod touch back to default settings and then puts everything back if its backed up. I have a iPhone, and iTunes backs up everything almost every time I sync so when i went to 2.0 it cleared everything, and then used the backup to put everything back. I guess the iPod Touch might do the same. As long as you have a backup of the data, it should be fine.
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    Thanks for the reply, although I'm uncertain if it has helped me. I don't sync my calendar events to my itunes because I don't have MS Outlook. Will I still have a backup made of my calendar events? I'm also wondering about all my notes/lists that I've made.


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