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    Maps & Keyboard
    I just purchased an iTouch 2g 8GB last night and coming from the original nano it is like night and day. I am really enjoying it... except two things popped out at me right away:

    1) Keyboard: Does it get easier to use? I tried tapping it with my fingers, which are not big at all and I kept hitting the wrong keys. I tried using my pinky which was awkward. I tried using my fingernail but that didn't work. I tried turning the itouch sideways thinking it would get bigger...nothing.

    2) Maps: I love this feature but I am not always going to be in a home with wi-fi or in a coffee shop. The chances of me driving from PA to NJ and having a wi-fi connection during my drive are SLIM... When would I use Maps if I cannot connect?? I thought maybe it had a built-in map system that could be used offline???


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    1) Yes it gets easier to use just give it some time and you will be typing with out even thinking. When i got my iPhone it took me a while but now i dont even look when i type. I recommend using your thumbs both of them, thats my style.

    2) Yes the map app seems like a good idea but in theory its not unless you have an iphone. But if u were going to take a trip you could look up the directions before you left and have them on the iPod so you could just open the app and get directions.

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