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Dylanyouto 11-03-2008 08:07 PM

Using ipod touch as secondary Monitor
So I was thinking about this and not sure if it would be possible. Would there be any way to use your ipod touch or iphone as a secondary monitor?

I know you can use VNC to view your desktop on your ipod touch or iphone. But would it be possible to use it as a secondary screen instead of just a mirror?

Haha just something to think about. There would be no use really but cool to show off :Smirk:

Dylanyouto 11-04-2008 07:46 PM

Anybody have any ideas :P ?

FmAcNboy 11-04-2008 08:09 PM

maybe if you jail broke it.... but idk who knows.

E420 01-04-2009 10:12 AM

Could you find any idea? I found!

just use "screenrecycle" on your mac.

but it's too slow...

if you know any other idea, please tell me.

SonicBoom 01-08-2009 11:21 PM

That's a great idea, we have the mouse app., the remote, why don't we just have the whole computer? The only thing is computers have tons of memory while as the iTouch/iPhone 8 16 or 32=\

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