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    Right, This is really bugging me now.
    My family share a mac Os X, and we share itunes. I drag and drop in the albums i want into my 5th Generation 30GB iPod Video because I don't want all their music on it. But what I want to do, is make a playlist of all my ipod's music, so I can shuffle through it when I'm on the computer. The only way I can do that at the moment, is to plug my ipod in and shuffle through it from there. Can I make a playlist so I dont have to keep plugging my ipod in? Ive seen software, one called Senuti? which is sposed to do the trick, but I dont want to blow up my family's itunes.


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    All Senuti will do is take all the tracks that are on your iPod and put them into iTunes (if they are not already there). Then you can make your playlist.
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    Thanks, All the songs are on the itunes and i would like to make a playlist of my ipod's contents.

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