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    write this app
    Here's an application I would like to see made, unless I've missed it so far. I have a 3 and 5 year old, along with some preteen nephews, and, honestly, I hate when they want to play with my iPod Touch. Selfish maybe, but it's a $400+ dollar "toy". I tell them to stay out of certain apps, mail, my game on Enigmo, but I've the other day I was mysteriously missing a saved game.

    My idea: a "kid safe" app that, when activated, locks whatever applications on the Touch/phone you have specified. They can not be opened and messed with (e.g. Settings, mail, a frustratingly high level of Enigmo, etc.). To unlock the specified apps again, hit the "kid safe" application icon and enter a password.

    Seems brilliant... to me. Someone write it and my kids will love you.

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    They basically already have this:

    Enable "Restrictions" and you can set which apps are enabled..,

    Hmm, I just tested it and you can only disable a few things such as safari, youtube etc.

    But this would have to come from Apple, 3rd party apps can't interfere with OS functionality or other apps like this.

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    Yup. Save for jailbreaking, there's no way for anyone to write such an app. That said I think Apple should extend their restrictions to include any installed applications...

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