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    Ok, my first question might sound kind of dumb but I can't find out info anywhere so whatever. If I'm using my home wireless connection to browse the net with my iPhone, is it using my mobile internet data or does it come off my home internet data?

    And my second question is: Is there any way to transfer text files onto my iPhone? I'd like to be able to type something in my iPhone, send it to my computer, modify it and then send it back as an editable text file to my iPhone. Doesn't have to be rich text or anything, .txt will suffice.
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    If you are using your WiFi connection to browse the web, this should not count against your mobile data plan.

    I don't have an iPhone, but your question brings up a similar one of mine. I believe an iPod (or at least certain models) can be used as USB storage drives. You plug them in and you can drag files to them in Finder. Can the iPhone?

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    Hey there, i'm not sure if you can edit your text directly on your iPhone, but such application as Readdledocs working pretty fine with all file formats.
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    Hey there, i'm not sure if you can correct your files on your iPhone directly, but such app as Readdledocs allows you to work with all file formats!
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