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    Unhappy Ipod on Ipod touch freezes. What now?
    Ok, this is probably the height of discussion somewhere, but I want help nay, need help with this problem.

    Basically, recently out of the blue, my ipod touch keeps freezing when I ask it to play a song. It started with Gomez 'Bring it on' album and I thought, ok, corrupt file or something.

    Then it started to do it on other songs, so last night I restored the ipod which obviously wiped everything off it. Great, but at least my songs will work now!


    Wrong, it is worse than ever with nearly every song freezing the ipod up. I am basically scared to open the ipod app as it just freezes when i want some music.

    Anyway, apart from bringing it back to Apple, anyone got any bright ideas or had the same thing happen to them?


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    Best would be to just have it replaced by Apple. You don't need the aggravation of fixing/troubleshooting when it could well be just bad hardware.

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    i am having same problem on my 5 year old ipod wish i could
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