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Thread: can I use iphone with other phone systems

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    can I use iphone with other phone systems
    I just have a quick question about the iPhone...can it be used with other phone or voicemail systems. Because through ATT I have one voicemail box but I'd like to use it with my company's phone system and turn the iPhone into my business line/ext. Is this possible? Do I need an app to do it?

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    Your iPhone is locked to AT&T. So no to all your questions.

    You can "unlock" your iPhone using some pirate software but there are some risks. First it violates the terms of use so if there is a problem Apple wont help you. You can "brick" your phone and since you violated the terms of use Apple wont replace the phone so you now have a very expensive paper weight.
    If you still want to try it just google "iPhone unlock" or "iPhone 3g unlock"

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    unlock it with pwnage very safe to use and can be reversed. Don't worry about bricking it's almost impossible to brick with the newer unlock software.

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    You should look at Grand Central.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jspots View Post
    Your iPhone is locked to AT&T. So no to all your questions.
    Well, hold the "iphone" here...

    I'm no iPhone expert and it's somewhat difficult to tell what this person is really getting at, but can't you use ANY phoneline with virtual voicemail systems? One company I work with uses their gotvmail account as a kind of "call routing" system and eventhough I hardly ever work on-site they still made my cell phone (which is just a plain-jane at&t cell phone) an extension within their system (it's actually kind of annoying because I occasionally get calls from customers who type in the wrong extension, etc).

    Granted, larger companies with more traditional PBX systems will probably not be able to interface with the iPhone, but I was under the impression that in some circumstances no "crack" was needed. Again, not an expert...

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    this is a question many have asked long before the iPhone. and there are several answers.

    1. Yes it can be done, but not on a 1 user basis. Mainly business that have contracts with ATT can get a feature that allows you to 4 digit dial just like you could through your PBX, but from anywhere. This is called a calling group. and its not a feature ATT sells to individual customers.

    2. You should be able to forward all your incoming calls from your desk phone to your iPhone's mobile #. I do this so I never miss a call. However any outgoing calls you make will be made directly from your iPhone and your caller ID will be displayed, not your companies caller ID.

    3. talk with your companies PBX person and have them direct your voicemail calls to go to your mobile #. its not something you can do from your desk phone as it has to be done from the PBX's main terminal or access point.

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