I'll tell the whole story so hopefully I can get some help. I got my ipod touch a week ago with my macbook. Everything has been going smoothly. I have about 10 apps on my ipod one is the AIM ap. I saw there was an update today, so I went to go update it, and after a minute I got this popup on my Ipod

"authorization failed. Please connect to Itunes"

So i connected to itunes, and pressed Retry and it said "can not retrieve download information. Please connect with Itunes" and the only choice to click is "dismiss"

I tried to update it from Itunes too and after it says "accessing Itunes store" and then "purchasing" for about a minute I get a pop up that says "Could not purchase "AIM". An Unknown error occured (-4)." And sometimes the error number is 5002.

I tried to download another Free app for messaging because I thought it was AIM and not anything else, so when I tried I got the same issue. an error that says "we could not complete your itunes store request. An unknown error has occured (-4)."

I saw some people were having my issue, but they saw this "black app" square and deleting it fixed their problem. Well I looked on my apps listed on my Ipod and Itunes and I didn't see that. I have tried to restart my computer, reinstall itunes and even tried to install an older itunes version but ended up redownloading Itunes 8.

I am pretty frustrated with this so if anyone knows how to fix it let me know