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Thread: Just got it!! A few questions.

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    Just got it!! A few questions.
    Hi all,

    After months of begging I finally got my wife to give in and let me buy the iPhone. She likes it so much I think I am gonna have to go out and get her one pretty soon. I have everything synced with my mac and everything is working fine with my gmail account, things are going pretty good but...

    .... How do I get the G.P.S. to work. I know it does not have turn by turn (unless someone put something up in the app store *hint, hint*) but I don't understand how to get what it will do working. Can I S.M.S. (text message) pictures or am I stuck emailing them? Is there still no cut and paste or has then been addressed and I just don't know how to do it. My friend said that there is a light saber app available, I guess you swing your phone and it makes L.S. sounds, I can not find it.

    Here is the thing that is bugging me the most. The Remote app. I really want to control my ATV with this thing but I cant get it to work. I try to launch the remote app and it looks like it is starting to open but then it just goes back to my home screen. I don't know if the app is crashing or (this could be my fault) the phone can not see the appletv. Right now I have 2 wirless networks in my house, I have a B/G network for all my game consoles and junk and then I have a N network for all my apple stuff.... MBP, AIR, ATV, TIME CAPSULIZE.... I set it up this way because I was told that if I allow anything other than "N" on my "N" it will drop everything to the slower "B/G" speeds. I need to keep them separate because I stream lots of stuff between all my apple stuff and it was just painful on the slower networks. So here is where I might have everything messed up. The iPhone is "B/G" so I hooked the wi-fi to that slower network while my ATV is on the "N"; is this the reason I cant get the remote app to work?

    Thats all the questions I have right now. I love the phone, I got the 16 Gig in white.

    Thanks for any and all help.

    Any other secret hints or tips that come to mind would also be great.

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    For GPS, make sure you are outside where the phone can get a clear signal from the satellite. Open Google map, push the cross hairs button on the bottom left of the screen and let it acquire the satellite. When the cross hairs turns to a pin, you are good to go. Remember, GPS doesn't well indoors.

    You can only send MMS via e-mail to other peoples wireless numbers. each the forums and you will find a post by me showing how to do it. Receiving MMS on the iPhone is a pain. though.

    The Light Saber App is listed under the free apps on the Apps store, it is called "PhoneSaber".

    No cut and paste as of yet.

    Delete the Remote App and re download it from the Apps store.

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    That PhoneSaber app is gone. I searched my phone and on my mac. Maybe they got in trouble for using the sounds or something.

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    Phone saber is still gone and I called apple and figured out why remote is not working. Its exactly as I thought, the phone needs to be on the same wirless network as my appleTV. This sucks. Right now my only complaint is that the iPhone does not use the "N" wireless standard. Now its going to make my network lag if I use it as a remote. :-(

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    This doesn't answer your question, but I have a question for you. How do you set up gmail to work on your Mac

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