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    Couple of questions
    Hello all,
    I apologize if this isn't in the right area, but I just bought a 3G 8 gig IPhone. So far I love it! I have a couple questions though about creating rigtones from mp3s and what application would be good for gps if there is one. I am sure I can look around to find a good gps app but I was wondering if anyone here has any reccomendations. As for the ringtones, I have read through a lot of posts here but I can't seem to find anything for windows...I got a laptop from my father for christmas last year and didn't have it in me to take it back for a mac. Fir what it's worth I like mac...any help would be great. Thanks in advance -

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    I can't seem to help you about finding a good Windows program to create ringtones, but I can tell you right now that there aren't any GPS programs available yet. So you're stuck with the Google Maps app for now.

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    Thanks for the help. -

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