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Thread: iTunes and Movies

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    iTunes and Movies
    Hi all,

    Regarding movies and itunes...

    I often find myself buying a DVD movie and ripping it twice to my mac in order to add to itunes.

    Using isquint for example, I will first rip to 'TV format' [to play-back on my mac itself fullscreen, or else on a HD TV (via ATV for example)]
    In the same way, I will then rip to 'iPod format' [to play back on my ipod Video]

    Thus, I end up with 2 versions of 1 movie [one named as ''Movie_Title'', the other named as ''Movie_Title_4ipod''] both listed in the 'Movies' tab of itunes, specifically encoded to play on the 2 different devices. When syncing to my ipod, I simply select just those files with a 4ipod postfix.

    My questions:

    1. Am I using itunes in the 'correct' way in this regard?
    2. Is there a way to create an additional tab in itunes such as 'ipod Movies'; ( to overcome having a selection of movies stored in the same folder with different encodings for different devices )


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    Why not make a smart play list one for ipod movies and one for TV movies?

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