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Thread: Inadvertidly saving web browser views as photos?

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    Inadvertidly saving web browser views as photos?
    I did this unwittingly, but its happend on number of occaisions so it can't just be a bug. Basicaly using safari, I somehow saved the page as a photo in my photos folder. This has happend whilst using safari, and also whilst using an application such as filmshowtimes. Anyone know how to do this intentionaly or is it a bug?


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    You can take a screenshot of the current screen on the phone by pressing the home and sleep button at the same time... I'm not sure how you can inadvertently do that though....

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    Yeah, not sure how one inadvertently does that, unless maybe they're trying to reboot and mess up.
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    excellent thanks, I didn't know when or how it happened, only when I went into photos that I saw it, so I assume I was trying to reboot at the time or the program froze on me

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