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    PLEASE HELP ME WITH IPOD TOUCH problem with itunes and restore help im like crying =[
    well first i have mozzila firefox and my internet is workinfg totally fine my ipod touch is jailboken and and wanted to restore it bu couldnt cuz it wouldnt connect to i tunes but then i put it in recovery mode but when i press 'restore' this error pops up saying

    make sure you network settings are correct or try again later"

    help its been doing this for weeks cant get it to resore

    (also it will not connect to the itunes store and i have to put my ipod touch into recovery mode for it to recanize it)

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    Could this not be something to do with being jailbroken?

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    I had my iTouch jailbroken and I decided to update to v2.0 and see what it was like. I assumed I would have to reset it to factory default first, in order to overcome the jailbreaking.

    However, I plugged it in to my new iMac and selected the update option - it updated without any problems. It even retained most of the settings (Wifi, Mail, etc.) and also coped with the fact it had been setup and jailbroken on a PC and was updated on a Mac. Brilliant.

    Sorry - I realise that does not help with your problem, but perhaps it suggests the jailbreaking is not the cause of your problem?

    Can you access the iTunes Store? Does your Internet connection work with other things? Have you tried resetting the iTouch (i.e. restarting it) first?

    BTW - you mention you use Firefox. You are trying to reset the device in iTunes I assume, not from Firefox?

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    I hate to be a total pain and go off topic, but I want to try to help you out. What does having your iPod "jailbroken" mean?

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    make sure you have iTunes fully updated, make sure and reset your internet router, and reset your iPod to factory settings.

    Do all the above, and if it doesnt work we can go from there.
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