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Thread: What is a good ebook reader for the ipod?

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    What is a good ebook reader for the ipod?
    I was wondering now the ipod touch has its 2.0 update, what is the best ebook reader?

    I am trying Stanza en tried eReader. Stanza is great with lots of free downloads and it's totally free, but... after importing my own books from my mac to the ipod touch, it was a big disappointment. The books are scrambled, or words are broken up, the chapters are not there and very important: all the different paragraphs are tied together. I tried all the formats I could make out of my word document: .doc, pdf, rtf, but all are very different from the original file.

    Ereader looks very nice but I cannot put my own books in it and... the (interesting) books are not for free..

    What else is there? Someone?


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    I read this:

    One workaround required to get past the iPhone’s current file-handling limitations was to process the PDF file in Filemark Maker, a free app that allows you to store the PDF file as a Safari-viewable bookmarked file on the iPhone. This utility worked very well for the smaller PDFs that I tried (i.e., file sizes less than one meg). A larger 5 meg file caused Safari to crash.
    from here. Hope it helps.

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    You can try A.I.Disk or Readdledocs as an improved version - works fine for me, has lot of possibilities such as bookmarks, e-mail, zoom, rotating and so on!
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    I don't have an iPhone but I have had success (with other phones) with iSilo.

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    I have used eReader for a long time on various Palm PDAs, so it is great that it is now available on the iTouch and iPhone. It works well on both.

    I also use Stanza, which has lots of free books available for it. The eReader ones are all paid for, so that might not be as attractive an option if you don't already have loads of them.

    One thing which was putting me off moving from my Palm Treo to an iPhone was the fact that I would not be able to read my eReader books. Now that is resolved, so one step closer to giving up the Treo. Unfortunately, there are still other issues with the iPhone - such as the Appointments Diary is much less user-friendly on the iPhone and the O2 reception at work is crap compared with Orange (which the Treo uses). At the moment I still use both - which is dumb.

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    I am using ereader,
    had some issues but sorted those out,
    I have loads of fiction stuff, clive cussler, lee child, JK rowling etc plus some older stuff that I used on my HP pocket pc.

    I read a lot so for me this is perfect!

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