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    Deleting a VPN Configuration
    New to the boards . Searched and found nothing. So here it goes...

    This morning at my school I installed their Cisco VPN on my ipod Touch (never jailbroken, and installed the 2.0 update 2 days ago). I soon found out that this was useless and wanted to delete it shortly thereafter. So I consulted the iPod Touch 2.0 User Guide (found here - On page 91, it reads:

    Delete a VPN configuration: Choose General > Network > VPN, tap the blue arrow
    to the right of the configuration name, and tap Delete VPN at the bottom of the
    configuration screen.
    However there is not a "Delete VPN" button at the bottom of the configuration screen. I then created a fake VPN to see if the delete button was present for other VPN's, and sure enough it was. But there is still no "Delete VPN" button for the VPN I installed today.

    What can I do to delete this VPN? I appreciate any help, thanks!


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    Jul 16, 2008
    eh I just went ahead and restored the ipod. easy enough.

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